Total Protection

We offer installation of burglar, fire, CCTV, card access, intercom, and telephone entry systems. 

360 degree cameras with digital PTZ

4K resolution NVRs that offer higher resolution then just 1080P. 4K NVRs offer better future proofing to provide the customer with equipment that won't be outdated so quickly. 

4k NVRs and DVRs

Have the ability to zoom in and out of areas without worrying about motorized lenses. These cameras are the digital upgrade to old PTZs. By recording all areas within range of the camera, the user can zoom in and focus without worrying if the camera was looking at the area. 

Over the years the demand for CCTV systems and its technology has exploded. Changing recording tapes or discs has been replaced with Smartphones and the Internet. Remote viewing at any time from any where in real time with cameras is now at an affordable price. These DVRs can record when activated by motion and cameras can self adjust to lighting conditions of their environment. These color cameras will automatically adjust to black and white for optimum surveillance during night or low level light conditions and switch back to color when it senses the right amount of light. We offer megapixel ratings from 2MP to 12MP. 

Nitech can service, design, and install any CCTV system tailored to your particular needs. Free estimates available. Check out our demonstrations below. See what sets our cameras apart from the rest. 

Camera ratings 

2.1MP = (1920x1080) 1080P resolution

3.2MP = (2040x1536)

4.1MP = (2688x1520)

5.0MP = (2592x1944)

6.0MP = (3072x2048)