Card Entry Systems

Every business has a different security need. From a single keypad reader with a single code to multi-door card readers with different access levels for each employee. A card reader system can be integrated to control both door or area access. Systems that will open garage doors as authorized vehicles approach records the entry on a CCTV and maintains records on a database report. 

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Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems is technology that offers a convenient access to buildings with 25 to 1000 tenants. Visitors can call and speak to any tenant by answering the tenant three digit code. Tenants may grant access by pressing a number on their telephone or simply hanging up to deny access. 

Perfect for securing any size office, building, apartment building, or gated residential community. 

Optional features allow card, keypad, and proximity readers for adding doors or gates with full activity tracking. 

Total Protection

We offer installation of burglar, fire, CCTV, card access, intercom, and telephone entry systems.